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        1. 歡迎來到原中小學教育資源網!


          時間:2018-02-13 19:18:47 試題 我要投稿



            (   )1. I have ______.old shirt and______ new sweater.

            A. a,  an   B. an,  a    C. an,   an   D. a,   a

            (   )2. This is Li Qiang. ______ is a new student here. . ______ father is a teacher.

            A. She;   He    B. He;   His     C.  She;   His   D.   His;  He

            (   )3. I would like some _____ , please.

            A. sandwich an d milk     B. sandwich and milks

            C. sandwiches and milk    D. sandwiches an d milks

            (   )4. How is Jim?


            A. I am fin e  B. She is fine  C. He’s fine  D. It’s fine

            (   )5. Mum, I need a new pen. Can you buy a new _______for me?

            A. it    B. one   C. they   D. ones

            (   )6____shoes are those?

            They are Lucy’s.

            A. whose      B.who      C.what    D.which

            (   )7.  May I borrow your ruler, Linda?

            _______. It isn’t here now.

            A.I’m sorr y      B.Sure

            C.That’s OK     D.Here you are

            (   )8. How many _____ shorts do you have?

            A.pair                 B. a pair

            C.pairs                D.pairs of

            (   )9. Is this your scarf?


            A Yes, it is.    B  Yes, this is   C No, it is    D  No, this isn’t

            (   )10. I like the supermarket. Everything ____very good there.

            A. are   B. do   C. is  D. am

            (   )11. I don’t have _____ brothers or sisters.

            A. some B. any C. no D. much

            (   12. Li Ming, _____your _____, please.

            A. stands on , feet B. stand on, feet C. stands on, foots D. stand on , foot.

            (   )13. Are you OK

            No. I ______.

            A. have headache  B. am a headache  C. have a headache D. do headache

            (   )14. Would you like some more ?

            ______.I am full(的).

            A. Yes, please  B. No, thanks  C. I’d love to  D. No,  I wouldn’t

            (   )15.—Kim,I like our new pen.


            A.OK            B. Thanks

            C. Sure           D. You’re welcome

            II. 完型填空(10)

            I’m Jenny. I __1__ from Canada. Now I live in Shanghai, China. I __2__ up at 6:30. Then I __3__  breakfast. I like cereal with milk and sugar ___4___ it. I __5__some bread. __6__ friend Li Ming __7__ noodles, eggs and vegetables __8__ breakfast. I walk to school, and I have four classes __9___ the morning. At 12:00, I have hamburgers and juice for luch. Li Ming eats noodles and eggs. I have threeclasses in the  fternoon. I play games after school. In the evening, I h ave chicken , fish ___10___ rice for supper. Li Ming has dumplings. I go to bed at 9:30.

            1. A.  am   B. is   C. are   D. be

            2. A. put   B.eat   C.get   D.stand

            3. A. has   B.have  C.want D.like

            4. A. with  B.or   C. in    D.up

            5. A. get   B. stand  C.put  D.eat

            6. A. My  B. He   C. I     D. She

            7. A. like  B. likes  C.like to  D.likes to

            8. A.up    B. in    C.on    D.for

            9. A. on    B.in    C.up    D. for

            10. A. and   B. or   C.but   D.too

            III閱讀理解 (15)

            My nam e is Ben. In my family, I have two brothers, Jim and Tony. For breakfast, we all like eggs. Jim and I like bananas, but Tony doesn’t. I don’t like noodles for breakfast. But Jim and Tony do. I like ice cream after dinner . We all like salad and chicken for dinner. Jim likes salad with vegetables. Tony likes all kinds of salad.


           。  )1.I don’t like eggs for breakfast.

           。  )2.Tony and I lik e bananas for breakfas t.

           。  )3.We all like salad and chicken for dinner.

           。  )4. Tony only likes salad with v egetables.

           。  )5. I like ice cream after breakfast.


            Sandy and Tom are friends. They are Canadians, but they d on’t live in Canada.They live in China now. They are in the same school. Where are they now?They are in the library. There are ma ny books in the library. They borrow books from it. Sandy borrows two books and Tom borrows three . It’s six in th afternoon. Tom  cloes the windows. Sandy  closes the door. “Thank you, Sandy. Thank you, Tom,’’ says the teacher. Sandy and Tom say, “You’re welcome.’’

            (    )6. Where do Sandy and Tom live  now?

            A.  In  Canada.

            B.  In  China.

            C.  In  America.

            (    )7. They are in the _____ now.

            A.classroom  B.library  C.home

            (    )8. They borrow _____ books  together(總共)from  the library. A. two     B. three     C. five

            (    )9.Tom  helps  the  teacher _____.

            A. close the door

            B.close the windows

            C.close the door and windows

            (    ) 10.Who says “ Than k you” to Sandy?

            A. His teacher.  B.Tom.  C. His friend.


            Hello! I’m Peter. I’m f rom America . Now I am in China with my parents. I like China. And I like Chinese food, too. I have brakfast at home. I eat an egg and some milk for  it. I do’t like porridge. I hve no time to go home for lunch, so I have it at school. The lunch in ur school is good. I can have lots of different food. I eat rce, meat and vegetables

            Sometimes I have noodles and dumplings. I have supper at home. On Sundays, I often go out to eat with my friends. We have fish, meat, vegetables and fruit.


            11. Peter is from________

            12. He ____ China and Chinese  food

            13. He has an______ and some _____ for breakfast.

            14. He has ____ and ___ at home sometimes.

            15. He often goes out to eat with his _____ on Sundays


            1.Her name i Jenny.(對畫線部分提問)

            ______ _______ name?

            2. I have six glasses f milk. (對畫線部分提問)

            ______ ______ _______ ______ _______ do you have?

            3. She is a student.(用teacher改為選擇疑問句)

            ______ ____ a student ______ _____  ?

            4. Put on your jacketr.(變成否定句)


            5.He is from Canada. (同義句轉換)

            He ______ _____ Canada.

            V 根據漢語補全句子。(20)


            My friend can ______   ______   in the Enlish class


            Danny  ______   ______   ______ school.


            ______   ______  your umbrella.


            Let’s  ______   ______.


            ______   ______  is  it?

            6. 他的帽子看起來不同于你。

            His hat looks ______   ______ your hat.

            7. 懷特先生有足夠的'錢買輛小汽車。

            Mr White  has ______   ______   ______  ______ a car.

            8. 請寫下你的名字。

            Please  ______   ______ your n ames.


            Here ______   ______   ______.

            10. 你的妹妹長什么樣?

            What  ______ your sister  ______  ______?


            have, black, skirt, same, different, colour, they, worker, eye, metre

            Jenny and Helen are my  good friends. 1_____ are twins from Canada. Their mother is a 2______ and their father is a doctor. Jenny and Helen look the 3______. They have big green 4______ and long brown hair. The y are 1.6 _5__ tall. But they like 6_____ colous and clothes. Jenny’s favourite 7___ is green. Her favourite clothes are 8_____. Helen likes 9______ best. She likes hats. She 10______ 5 black hats in diff erent shapes.



            A: You look sad.  1.___ , Wang Ming?

            B: My finger hurts.I cut it.

            A: Don’t worry. Let me help you. My father is a doctor. 2.____

            B: 3.____ , Jenny?

            A: My father is at home.

            B: OK!

            (Jenny 的爸爸為Wang Ming做了包扎)

            C: 4.____ ,now, Wang Ming?

            B: Muh better! 5.____

            C You’re elcome.

            A. How do you feel

            B. Thank you very much.

            C. What’s wrog

            D. Let’s go and ask him for help

            E. Where is your father


            A: Hi, Jenny It’s tim e 1.___ lunch. I’m 2.___. Let’s go to the restaurant.

            B: All right. What 3.___ y ou 4.____ or lunch?

            A: I’d  like a bottle of coke and a hamburger. Andyou?

            B: I 5.____ 6.____ a glass f milk 7.____ a ag of French fries.

            C: I’m sorry. We 8.____ have any milk now. 9._____  you like orange juice?

            B: Yes, I do. 10.____ you.

            C: You’re welcome.



            Name Mary Age 28

            Hairstyle  long,

            yellow Height 1.65m

            Other Informaton Like  singig and dancing;

            help me with my English 










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